WARNING: Spoilers Ahead For The Walking Dead Midseason Finale!
After watching Sunday’s newest episode of The Walking Dead, fans were left with a small cliffhanger to ponder during the winter break. It’s nothing like trying to figure out who Negan killed, but it’s still something interesting to think about.
Who was watching Alexandria?
A mysterious figure was seen watching Rick and Aaron early on in the episode, and the same person was spying on ASZ at the end of the episode. Some theorize this to be The Whisperers, or possibly a new group, but there’s a major clue hiding earlier in the episode stating that fans already know the watcher.
There’s a good chance that Dwight was the one seen in both instances.
Rewind back to Daryl’s escape from Sanctuary. When he ducked into that bedroom, there was no mention of who’s it was. However, multiple items in the room proved that it belonged to Dwight. The focus on the hand-carved chess pieces could seal the deal on its own, but the flannel that Dwight was wearing when he first met Daryl was also hanging on the back of the door.
There’s no doubt, in anyone’s mind, that this was Dwight’s room.
Now, take a closer look at that photo and see if anything else stands out to you. Upon further examination, there are two items in the room that would imply Dwight is the secret watcher.
First, there’s the binoculars hanging by the door. Sure, anyone could have binoculars, but that’s not all. On the chair, just in front of the camera, a black hoodie is folded on top of the rest of the clothes. The watcher was wearing a dark hoodie, and using binoculars.
Throughout the series, a hoodie has never been part of Dwight’s wardrobe. It’s reasonable to think the guy has other clothes, but it raises eyebrows when combined with everything else.
What reason would Dwight have to be spying on Rick and the others?
If The Walking Dead is following the storyline in the comics, than Dwight has every reason to keep an eye on Alexandria. In the source material, the character comes to Rick and Ezekiel, claiming he wants to help them take out Negan.
At this point, everyone in Alexandria hates Dwight, so he couldn’t just waltz in and surrender himself. If he were to do that, someone would likely kill him on the spot. By scoping everything out, Dwight can figure out how to get in, and who to talk to, in order to have the best chance at making himself heard.