WARNING: Spoilers Ahead For The Walking Dead Season Seven!
The preview of the second half of The Walking Dead’s seventh season had chills running down the spines of millions of fans. The footage showed the old Rick returning, one who has ready to start a war with Negan.
The trailer also teased the first interaction between Rick and Ezekiel, the two charismatic leaders of the community-rebellion.
While most of this footage shows exciting events that await fans this season, the final frame was completely horrifying.
As Rick turned his head, a nearly-skinless walker approached him from behind. The walker was wearing a spiked helmet, and poles full of metal extended out from the top half of his body. It looked like a truly dangerous zombie.
There’s no way a walker could have just ended up this way, so it seems as though there is someone is weaponizing zombies. The big question, however, is who could be doing this?
The first thought would be that this walker is a part of the gate surrounding Sanctuary. Remember all of those walkers on poles that Daryl had to handle? It’s an interesting theory, but the setting doesn’t remotely resemble The House That Negan Built.
Most likely, this zombie is connected to whoever was watching Alexandria in the midseason finale. Robert Kirkman has said that the person (or people) – whoever they may be – are an enormous danger in the second half of the season.