After a seemingly slow season, The Walking Dead really picked up over the last two episodes. ‘Hearts Still Beating’, the midseason finale, has been an extremely intense episode so far.
Along with the shock, the episode delivered plenty of mystery. The biggest of these surrounding the scene at the pond, and who was watching Rick and Aaron.
This mysterious figure offered no hint of who they could be, but there were definitely some theories floating around. Some have said these could be Saviors spying on Rick, but there’s another idea that makes much more sense.
The Whisperers have finally found their way onto The Walking Dead.
It does seem early for The Whisperers to arrive, but this moment is just a tease. The terrifying group of zombie-skin-wearers probably won’t surface again until the end of this season, maybe even the beginning of the next.
In the comics, The Whisperers have been known to spy from a distance, and move quietly through the woods. This figure definitely fits their M.O., and it’s possible the new villains are scoping the communities out.
The Whisperers travel as a part of a giant walker herd, and last week’s episode teased that one was nearby. If you were listening carefully, the two Saviors driving Carl’s truck were talking about a herd in the beginning of the episode. One of them mentioned that Fat Joey was using explosives to redirect the herd away from Sanctuary.
When Carl was prepping his gun, after the truck had arrived at Sanctuary, Negan could be heard talking about the redirect. Fat Joey reported that there had been a problem with the project. This problem was later addressed when Negan told Sherry that Mark had skipped out on ‘redirect duty’ to be with Amber.
No matter what plans Negan has for the herd, it means one is very close by. The Whisperers could be lurking within their ranks, and that would mean a couple of them would be scouting the area nearby.