Thanks to the Russian-Chinese fantasy film Viy-2 (internationally known as Journey to China: The Iron Mask Mystery), two of the biggest action stars of all-time, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan, are appearing in a movie together for the first time since the forgettable 2004 remake of Around the World in 80 Days. Yes, the 69-year-old Terminator star and the 62-year-old Rush Hour star are now well past their primes, but it’s still a magnificent sight to behold.
And today, we have the first official still from the film featuring them together — which you can view in our gallery below. However, to be honest with you, Schwarzenegger did happen to post a behind-the-scenes snap last month with the them on set and in-costume. The former governor of California included the image with a message congratulating Chan on receiving an honorary Oscar.
“Congratulations to my great friend Jackie Chan on his fantastic honor – after 200 movies, you certainly deserve this Oscar,” the 69-year-old Terminator star. “You always inspire.”
You can watch a trailer for Viy-2 in the video above, but be warned, it is in Russian and doesn’t include any footage of Schwarzenegger or Chan.
The English traveler Jonathan Green (Jason Flemyng) receives from Peter the Great an order to map the Russian Far East. Once again he sets out for a long journey full of incredible adventures that will eventually lead him to China. The cartographer will unexpectedly face a lot of breathtaking discoveries, encounter bizarre creatures, meet with Chinese princesses, and confront deadly martial arts masters and even the king of all dragons – the Dragon King. What could be more dangerous than meeting eye to eye with Viy, except doing it again? What would be stronger this time – a staunch skepticism of the scientist or the old black magic that has seized power of Eastern lands?
2014’s Viy (internationally known as Forbidden Empire) — a Russian dark fantasy film loosely based on 19th century Russian writer Nikolai Gogal’s horror novella of the same name — grossed $34.6 million at its domestic box office, making it the top grossing local film in Russia and earning it a green-light for a sequel.
The cast of Viy-2 also features Jason Flemyng (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels), who starred in the first film, Charles Dance (Game of Thrones, The Imitation Game), Martin Klebba (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales), and Christopher Fairbank (Guardians of the Galaxy).