Carol is really making her house a home.
Last seen in Episode 7×02 five weeks ago, Morgan and Carol are back on The Walking Dead for the midseason finale, as seen in the clip above. Carol has made the dead woman’s house quite a comfortable home by the looks of things. Not only has she cleaned up the joint but she is has hung several sheets to cover the windows and shield views inside and out from potential threats.
In the new clip, it appears some time has passed since the last time we saw these characters. Not only has the house been cleaned up and Carol fully recovered, but Morgan is fully aware of the relationship forming between he and Carol. As he attempts to drop off fresh produce for Carol, he quickly realizes that Ezekiel has been keeping her stocked up.
Of course, there is trouble in paradise as always on The Walking Dead.
Just as Morgan is gearing up to head out of Carol’s new home, he is greeted at the door by another member of the Kingdom.
Pairing the events of this scene with those of the preview for the Season 7 midseason finale, it is safe to assume he wants Carol and Morgan to be a part of the rebellion against Negan and the Saviors.
As for whether or not we will see Ezekiel in Episode 7×08, there has been no indication we will. We’ll have to tune in on Sunday night to find out.