The Walking Dead has spent seven seasons following the story of Rick Grimes, a heroic sheriff from rural Georgia. Everyone knows of Rick’s actions, and he’s regarded as one of the best, and most popular heroes in modern fiction.

At the end of The Walking Dead’s sixth season, Rick was finally given his arch nemesis, the one man who could knock him down from his hero status.

Negan made a grand entrance on the show, and in the lives of the characters, by immediately killing Abraham and Glenn. The villain’s charming smile and vicious methods immediately turned him into the most hated character on the show. Negan may be funny, but fans have a hard time looking past his terrifying demeanor.

What if things were flipped around though, and The Walking Dead had followed Negan from episode one? What would that series look like?

In an interview with ABC, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who portrays Negan on the show, claimed that he’d be the hero of this fictional series.

When asked what would happen if the story followed Negan, Morgan felt that people would have a much different attitude toward the character.

“Negan would be our hero, and no one would be mad at Negan right now,” Morgan said. “They would just think, ‘Wow what a guy look at how he keeps everyone alive. He’s so funny and sweet, I love his baseball bat.'”

If you hate Lucille right now, that might not be the case if the show followed Negan instead. This kind of concept could also set up Rick Grimes as the villain.