The Walking Dead has been known to hide many characters’ future in plain sight, as it’s been using a heavy amount of foreshadowing throughout each of the seven seasons.
For example, the green balloons between Glenn and Enid seemed like a very small detail, but they turned out to be much more important after Glenn’s unfortunate death.
Since the show has The Walking Dead comics to pull from, it can effectively set up new storylines much further in advance. These details aren’t often noticable until the character’s arc has been fully completed, but it’s always great to look back and see the detailed building that the show’s creative team went through to set up specific stories.
While Negan’s story isn’t remotely finished yet, The Walking Dead began building his eventual downfall before he even debuted on screen. Negan wasn’t even a concept to Rick and the survivors, but his defeat was already being teased with Morgan’s story.
If you’ve read the comics, you know that Rick and Negan go to war, and Rick ends up winning. Fans of the show could predict this outcome, but it’s Rick’s next decision that will upset audiences.
Once Negan is defeated, Rick elects not to kill him. Instead, he sentences him to a life of imprisonment. After a two-year time jump in the comics, Negan is seen in a jail cell, in the basement of an Alexandria home.
Since the actors on the show age, there probably won’t be a large time jump like that. However, a jail cell appearing in a random house needed to be explained at some point.
This is where Morgan comes in.