WARNING: Spoilers Ahead For The Walking Dead’s newest episode, ‘Sing Me A Song’.
While the newest episode of The Walking Dead finally managed to bring most of the major storylines back together, one set of characters was still absent.
Carol and Morgan explored The Kingdom, and got to know King Ezekiel, in the second episode of the season. Since then, they’ve been completely absent. Where have they been all this time? What have they been up to?
The answer is simple, they’re just taking their time in The Kingdom.
One thing to remember about this season of The Walking Dead – not a lot of time has gone by since the premiere. It’s only been a couple of weeks since Negan killed Glenn and Abraham on that fateful night, so it makes sense for Carol and Morgan to still be hunkered down with Ezekiel.
Morgan was helping the King teach some of the younger soldiers, so it looks like he has a position there as long as he wants to stay. Carol wasn’t being quite as helpful, but it looked like Ezekiel had taken to her nontheless. After moving into her own house, outside The Kingdom, Ezekiel came knocking on Carol’s door fairly quickly.
It’s safe to say Morgan and Carol are safe in their new lives, but the bigger mystery doesn’t surround them. Why haven’t any of the other characters mentioned them? Carol just snuck off at the end of last season, and Morgan went to track her down. It’s been weeks since Rick, Michonne, or anyone has seen thse two, but no one has said a word.
With only one episode left before the winter break, it would be nice to see Morgan, Carol, and Ezekiel cross paths with Rick. A reunion is the next step on the way to an All Out War.