WARNING: Spoilers Ahead For The Walking Dead’s Newest Episode, ‘Sing Me A Song’.
Daryl has finally been given an opportunity to escape, and the trailer for next week’s midseason finale has fans thinking he makes a break for it. While it’s exciting for The Walking Dead’s most popular character to finally have a way out of Sanctuary, it’s still a mystery as to who gave Daryl tools to escape.
At the end of ‘Sing Me A Song’, a note was slid under Daryl’s cell door. The paper read, “GO NOW”, and had a match and motorcycle key taped to the back.
There are two popular rumors regarding the identity of the note-writer, and they both make a lot of sense.
First, many believe Jesus is helping Daryl out. When Negan’s truck began leaving Hilltop, Jesus was hiding out on the roof. Negan stopped to talk to Daryl and Dwight, ordering the latter to escort the prisoner back to his cell, and the truck begins moving again. This time, however, Jesus is nowhere to be found.
The theory here is that Jesus got off of the truck when no one was looking, and followed Dwight back to Daryl’s cell. After some sneaking around, Jesus came up with some tools to help his friend escape.
The other theory here is that Sherry is aiding Daryl in his grand exit. It’s been made clear that Dwight’s former wife isn’t too keen on Negan’s leadership, and that she doesn’t agree with the treatment of Daryl. Combine that, Negan leaving the compound, and the feminine hand-writing on the note, and Sherry looks to be behind it.
To add a new theory here, which helps explain the motorcycle key, let’s say Dwight could be behind this escape plan as well.
Dwight has been set up as a major villain, but Negan is wearing him down. Watching the boss kiss his wife, and then burn a man’s face just like his own, is causing Dwight to seriously queston his allegiance.
In the comics, Dwight makes a major heel turn when he appears to Ezekiel and Rick, telling them he’s going to help take down Negan. While Rick doesn’t trust him, Dwight turns into a powerful ally. Eventually, he becomes one of Rick’s right hand men.
In the show, this could be Dwight’s first decision against Negan, sparking the war between Sanctuary and the colonies. Dwight got the motorcycle key, from the motorcycle he already has, and gave it to Sherry. She wrote the note and placed it under the door.
It would make sense for Daryl to hesitate in his escape, thinking this is another test, but make a run for it anyway. As he gets close to his bike, Dwight could appear before him. Daryl will want to fight, but Dwight will reveal that he’s letting him go.
This would be a major reveal for the show, but it would help move the story even closer to the All Out War that awaits the survivors.
Who do you think gave Daryl the key?