Spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 7 follow.
The final moments of The Walking Dead Episode 7×07 featured a sinister giggle from Negan as he held baby Judith in his arms on an Alexandria porch.
Fans were immediately going wild, worried about Judith’s safety in the hands of such a maniac. Could Negan kill Judith? A baby?
According to executive producer Gale Anne Hurd, it’s a possibility.
“He could do anything with Judith,” Hurd said on Talking Dead. “He could kill her. He could not. He could show a tender side that’s gonna throw even more people off balance.”
Judith was killed in The Walking Dead comics but not by Negan. In fact, Judith died much earlier on the pages of Robert Kirkman’s graphic novels. It was the Governor who was responsible for Judith’s death.
The baby’s death came over 100 issues earlier than the most recent. In issue #48, Lori ran from the prison with Judith in her arms during a battle with the Governor’s army. A stray bullet from one of the villain’s soldiers hit Lori, killing her, and causing her to fall on top of baby Judith — killing her, too.
Not only was Lori’s death altered for The Walking Dead TV series but Judith’s death has, so far, been completely removed. It was teased during the same prison battle when the survivors saw an empty car seat covered in blood.
Given Judith’s current situation, it’s possible the reaper is near, but our money is on Spencer, instead.