The Walking Dead Season 7 has been packed with emotional moments which extend beyond the character deaths in the October 23 premiere.
In fact, one of the most emotional moment came in Episode 7×04, Service, when Rick had to open up to Michonne like never before in an effort gain her trust once more as he bowed completely to Negan. The Sheriff revealed Judith’s true parentage to his girlfriend, speaking of Shane and Lori’s relationship for the first time since the characters were both eliminated in Season 3.
At the time, Carl was much younger. He likely couldn’t comprehend the new relationship between Shane and Lori. However, he has since grown quite a bit after surviving the apocalypse for several years. Accoridng to Chandler Riggs, the little Grimes boy has caught on to Judith’s true parentage.
“I kind of think he already knows,” Riggs said on Talking Dead on Sunday night. “He assumes that Judith isn’t Rick’s. He knows that Shane and Lori were together while his dad was in a coma.”
While we never really saw the birds and the bees conversation happening for Carl’s enlightment, somebody has clearly given the kid a sexual education course.
As for his reaction to it all, Chandler says Carl just thinks, “This is awkward.”
As Rick described the heartbreaking truth of Judith’s true parentage to Michonne, he revealed just how big his heart in his amount of care for the baby girl despite having no biological connection to her. Carl shares the opinion, being her half-brother.
“He has the same attitude his dad has towards it,” Riggs said. “For him, he has a lot more relation to her than he does to Rick. He does still feels that brotherly responsibility even though he’s only her half brother.”