This week’s episode of The Walking Dead left fans with an up-close image of Carl and his gaping eye socket. The character lost his eye back in Season 6 after Alexandria was overrun by zombies. In “Sing Me A Song,” Carl gave fans another glimpse at his eye, and the actor is now gifting them with a few more gruesome shots a la Twitter.
“These are some of the continuity photos we took when we were trying to figure out how dark the eye should be,” Chandler Riggs wrote. The post contained a slew of photos which show Carl’s gaping, scarified eye socket. The wrinkled, inflamed mess was brought to life thanks to a team of talent special effect artists, and fans just can’t seem to look away from the pictures.
If you didn’t get to see this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, then you still have some time to catch up before episode eight has its debut. “Sing Me A Song” takes after Issue #105 of the comics and see Carl riding into the Savior’s Sanctuary. The lone boy tries to take down a slew of baddies but is ultimately outnumbered by the Saviors. Taken hostage, Carl is then forced to meet up with Negan who tells the boy to remove his eyepatch and then sing him a song.
The tense scene was definitely a humbling one for Carl. The younger man has been determined to give Negan a taste of his own terror after the bloody events of the Season 7 premiere. In this week’s episode, Carl doesn’t come close to exacting his much-desired revenge. He is forced to listen to Negan degrade his mutilated scar and sing a warbling tune while the hardened villain threatens to knock his head off with Lucille.