For the first time in his 4 year career, Bray Wyatt is a WWE champion. WWE’s TLC pay per view kicked off with the tag team championship bout between the Wyatt family and champions, Heath Slater and Rhyno. Despite a decent effort by the champions, an RKO by Randy Orton to Rhyno put the champions down for good.
After 4 years of falling short in championship pursuits, The Wyatt Family climbed to new heights with the addition of Randy Orton. Smackdown LIVE announcer, Mauro Ranallo, deemed the duo potentially the most dangerous tag team in WWE history.
The win marks Randy Orton’s 2nd tag team championship, as he won his previous in with Edge by his side in 2007. Orton has also held the WWE Championship eight times (eighth reign was as WWE World Heavyweight Champion) and WWE’s World Heavyweight Championship four times, and was the final holder of the World Heavyweight Championship, which he unified with the WWE Championship to become the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.
It’s somewhat disappointing that Bray needed the help of an established superstar to claim his first WWE championship, but hopefully the win will finally springboard his career to even greater heights.