The Walking Dead will air the seventh episode of its seventh season tonight, meaning some of our favorite characters might not be with us to start the work week tomorrow.
Since Negan’s introduction was carried out in Episode 7×01, he has been quiet on the killing front. No characters from Alexandria have died in the six weeks since Glenn and Abraham. With only two episodes left in 2016, The Walking Dead will likely see at least one more character sent off to wrap things up.
So, as we head into an episode which promises some epic comic book moments in its title alone (“Sing Me A Song”), who is in danger and who is safe?
Rick- Safe. Outside of the walls, most characters would be in danger. However, Rick is well equipped for most threats, assuming they don’t run into any new groups like Negan’s.
Michonne- Danger. Michonne is among the unpopular opinion in Alexandria which wishes to take on the Saviors as soon as possible. As she heads out on her own, her plan to roll solo and take out the new villain in town puts her in danger.
Carl- Danger. Riding the first bus to Savior-town is a terrible idea. He is in a lot of danger.
Aaron- Safe. Aaron will press on, though his boyfriend Eric may run into trouble along the way.
Maggie- Safe. Currently emerging as the leader of the Hilltop, Maggie will continue to evolve and handle threats with ease.
Eugene- Safe. Level 2 survivor has more work to do — time to make some bullets
Sasha- Danger. Having lost everyone in her life, Sasha is broken down and willing to risk it all to for revenge against Negan. Fitting in at the Hilltop will be a challenge in itself.
Rosita- Danger. She’s a soldier who knows how to adapt but also on a course for revenge. As someone who tends to act on immediate interests rather than the grander picture’s best options, her haste may prove costly.
Daryl- Danger. With Carl arriving at the Sanctuary, Daryl might just start acting out against Negan’s demands.
Dwight- Safe. He has some serious internal struggles going on but his following of Negan keeps him safe — for now.
Simon- Danger. The right hand man doesn’t exactly pay attention to detail. Foolishness and disrespect do not do well around Negan. Ask David from the comics.
Negan- Safe. He is in complete control of his group and oppresses several others. He did, however, do a great job of pissing off the one man who can rally enough people to take him down — Rick Grimes.
Spencer- Danger. The son of former Alexandria leader Deanna Monroe thinks very highly of himself. Too highly. If he keeps it up and acts on his self-confidence, it will prove costly.
Ezekiel- Safe. Let’s just hope we can see him again soon. Absent from 7×07.
Carol- Safe. She is still a threat to herself but Ezekiel isn’t going to let her run too far. Absent from 7×07.
Morgan- Safe. Best equipped to take on threats around him and trained in disciplined fighting, Morgan does what it takes to survive and protect those around him. Absent from 7×07.
Father Gabriel- Safe. Gabriel finally knows he has to fight to survive. There is no immediate threat near him. He’ll come out alive.
Olivia- Danger. She is Negan’s radar. That’s the worst place to be.
Jesus- Safe. Though he is a dangerous situation, heading to the Sanctuary, Jesus can handle himself better than most survivors.
Gregory- Danger. There’s a certain widow gunning for his job.
Tara- Danger. She clawed her way back to Alexandria to learn that Glenn, Abraham, and her girlfriend Denise had all died. Having nothing to lose puts you in danger.
Heath- Danger. We don’t know where he went and won’t find out tonight but wherever he is, it’s probably not safe.