A few facts about the next installment in the Indiana Jones saga have been revealed, like the July 19, 2019 release date, that it will be directed by Steven Spielberg, star Harrison Ford, and feature a screenplay by David Koepp.
In a recent interview, producer Frank Marshall was questioned about how far along the process of developing the new Indiana Jones adventure has gotten.
“That’s still in the thinking stages,” the legendary producer says. When pushed for any details about which cast members could return, he admitted, “I don’t know, because that’s one I’m not involved in until they come up with the idea and the plan of where they want to go,” adding, “Then I get involved.”
The release date is two and a half years away, so there’s plenty of time for details to start emerging. However, it’s important to note that Marshall clarified that he doesn’t necessarily have an active involvement in developing the story, so it’s possible there’s more progress on the film that Marshall simply hasn’t heard about yet.