The last time we saw Jesus and Carl, they were in the back of a Savior truck headed straight to the Sanctuary. The two survivors have very different missions, as Carl aims to assassinate Negan and Jesus is simply looking for the location the of the Sanctuary.
We will see how their next moments play out in this Sunday’s new episode of The Walking Dead. Jesus actor Tom Payne recently teased some of what we can expect.
“There was a sneak preview on Talking Dead the other night where you see him jumping out of the back of the truck, so I guess you can figure out that him and Carl don’t arrive at the same time at the Sanctuary,” Payne said.
Payne is particularly looking forward to what is coming up for Carl and Jesus because of Jesus’ laid back attitude.
“I loved the end of that episode and I love that they kept it in that Jesus is looking at Carl with the attitude of like, ‘Oh, okay. Cool. What’s going to happen now?’” Payne said. “He’s not judgmental. He’s not in any way, ‘oh, you shouldn’t be here.’ He’s just, cool. I respect you and this is your decision and let’s go see what happens. So that will play out in the coming weeks, and the different ways that Jesus and Carl approach the Sanctuary is going to play out.”
The Sanctuary may be among the communities Jesus has yet to visit but Payne is teasing that he may have actually visited several of the others the audience and characters have only met this season.
“We’ve got the new community that was introduced last week,” Payne said. “And it will be interesting to see how everything ends up — like, why did that storyline play out? There are lots of threads which happen. And the Kingdom is there, and has Jesus been to the Kingdom before? Maybe he has. Maybe he has relationships there. But who knows?”