Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence seem to have some fantastic chemistry on screen in Passengers, and it apparently carries over to real life.
Pratt has been having some fun on Instagram with Lawrence during their press tour, but he hasn’t been sharing the spotlight in the actual photos. Pratt has a habit of obscuring Lawrence in his posts, and if that doesn’t work then he just crops her out completely (via PopSugar).
Take for instance his recent post that says “Finally got a selfie with Jen y’all wanted #passengersmovie“. You’ll notice that Pratt takes up the majority of the photo, with the edge of Jennifer’s face barely in view.
Some of the best ones though are the impromptu photos where it doesn’t seem Lawrence is even aware he’s taking a picture, like when the two were in London. “Another day down with me and my best buddy Jen” shows Pratt mugging for the camera while Lawrence is drinking from a glass, again with only her hand and part of her face showing. There’s a video that shows Pratt swinging a tray with some glasses on it, where Lawrence is seen moving away from him in the background, but according to Pratt that translates to “heavily featured”.
It’s been an entertaining journey so far, and it doesn’t show any signs of stopping anytime soon. That’s a win for everyone.