Looks like the Beast will be taking out his aggressions sooner than later. It was originally rumored that Brock Lesnar would be nursing his Survivor Series wounds up until the Royal Rumble in January of next year, but it is now being advertised that Lesnar will be in action this Saturday night as a part of the RAW live tour. The RAW brand will be heading to Mexico this weekend for a pair live events after a show in Albuquerque this Friday. They will present a show in Mexico City this Saturday followed by one in Monterrey on Sunday. Interestingly enough, Brock Lesnar is scheduled to wrestle Rusev, another heel, at Saturday’s live event in Mexico City. It’s possible the WWE could be testing the waters on a Rusev face turn or a future encounter between the two behemoths that could play itself out somewhere down the road.
On Monday Night RAW, an emotional Paul Heyman sat down with Michael Cole for the first time since Brock Lesnar’s shocking 86 second defeat to Goldberg at Survivor Series. With tears welling in his eyes, Lesnar’s advocate admitted that they had taken Goldberg lightly and were embarrassed by the outcome.
Heyman went on to say that his client now has something to prove and would be even more dangerous than he’s ever been in the past. After pushing back more tears, Paul said that if Goldberg was in the Rumble, Brock Lesnar would also be in the Rumble!
This Saturday’s bout with Rusev will be his first match since losing to Goldberg in 86 seconds at The Survivor Series earlier this month. Don’t be surprised if the WWE now books Lesnar to be the motivated, unstoppable beast who takes out all his opponents in record time.