WARNING: Spoilers ahead for The Walking Dead Season Seven.
Daryl is in rough shape this season, that’s for sure. The Walking Dead’s fan-favorite tough guy is on the ropes while in Negan’s torture sessions, and definitely not cruising down Easy Street.
Not only is Daryl in a broken physical state, but his emotions have been severely messed with as well. He blames himself for Glenn’s death, and with good reason. Had he not tried to hit Negan, Glenn would probably still be alive.
When Negan returned to Alexandria in episode five of this season, he brought Daryl over for a little show-and-tell. It was humiliating for the characters to see him in his current state, and it proved to everyone else just how horrible Negan could be.
In one of the key moments of that episode, Father Gabriel tells Negan that Maggie is dead, and shows her the grave. Daryl and Rick weren’t allowed to talk at this time, and he saw the same sights as Negan.
Does Daryl think Maggie is dead?
Most likely, that’s exactly what he thinks. When Daryl last saw Maggie, she was in terrible shape. If you remember, she could barely stand when Negan captured the group. Maggie was on a stretcher when she was made to kneel before the villain.
As if that wasn’t enough, she exhausted all of her energy screaming over Glenn’s death. By the time Daryl was thrown into Negan’s van, Maggie was not doing well.
For all he knows, the issues with the pregnancy overtook her, and Maggie died shortly after.
For Daryl, this only adds to his guilt. He is responsible for Glenn’s death, and now Maggie isn’t around either. In a way, he probably thinks he killed Maggie. Without the grief, she might have overcome her illness. If Glenn were around to help her, she might have made it.
At this moment, Daryl is feeling the weight of the entire Rhee family on his shoulders.
The good news, at least for fans, is that Maggie and the baby are alive and well.