Alanna Masterson has played Tara on The Walking Dead since season four, and has always been one of the more comical characters on the show. Fans have always enjoyed Masterson’s performance, but folks on the Internet decided to bash the actress on social media for her appearance this season.
‘Swear’ was the first episode of season seven that has featured Tara, and trolls were lining up to point out the actress’ apparent weight gain. These unkind words began to flood social media, but Masterson stood up with the best possible response.
Alanna Masterson gave birth to a daughter, Marlowe, just before this season began filming. Instead of taking time off, the actress stepped up to the challenge, and filmed her action scenes anyway.
To prove that these trolls were in the wrong, and that love conquers all in our world, the actress posted a beautiful picture. Not of herself, but of her darling baby girl.
In her message on Instagram, Masterson used her words to put these trolls in their place, as well as encourage kindness and love throughout the world. It may be clear that sexism and bigotry are still running wild throughout our world, but people like Alanna Masterson are ready to fight these issues with an open heart.
If you didn’t think Tara was a bad-ass before, there’s no way this didn’t change your mind.