When it comes to on-screen superheroes, some actors find themselves caught between a studio and a hard place. The theatrical world of comic book adaptations is currently monopolized by Marvel and DC, so some actors question whether they would star in one company’s project and ignore the other. Of course, there are exceptions: Ryan Reynolds played both the Green Lantern and Deadpool on the big screen. And, now, it looks like another actor would be willing to follow in Reynold’s footsteps.
Recently, ComicBook.com’s Brandon Davis visited the Heroes & Villains Fan Fest convention in Atlanta where he got to speak with Robbie Amell. The actor, who is best-known for his work on The CW’s The Flash, took time to talk comic book loyalty. Apparently, he has very little when it comes to castings.
“No, I have no loyalties,” Amell laughed after being asked if he’d play a Marvel character. “They’ve [DC] killed me a couple of times, and I’ll always gladly go back. But, at the same time, I’m a huge fan of Marvel movies. I like what they’re doing.”
The actor continued, saying, “It has less to do with it being Marvel or DC and more just being a character that I’m interested in and speaks to me.”
For a long time, it was DC Comics’ Ronnie Raymond that caught Amell’s eye. The character debuted in the first season of The Flash as an engineer who seemingly died during the S.T.A.R. Labs explosion, but he managed to survived by becoming the conjoined meta-human Firestorm. The character was also the fiancé and eventual husband of Caitlin Snow, but he sacrificed his life to save Central City by the end of the season.
In the second season, Amell returned to The Flash briefly to play Earth-2 Ronnie who was known as the meta-human Deathstorm. However, his return only lasted a couple of episodes, but the comeback came with a kick. Ronnie was still married to Caitlin Snow in the alternate world, and she was known by her villainous alter-ego Killer Frost.
If Amell is serious about a Marvel gig, then the actor might have luck in the coming years. The studio has plenty of film and television projects slated to premiere like Avengers: Infinity War and Captain Marvel. He could even tag onto small-screen series like Netflix’s The Defenders or Marvel’s The Inhumans.
What do you guys think? Would you like Amell to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Is there a particular character who you think he’d fit? Let us know in the comments below!