Ronda Rousey was apparently pretty shaken up after her face-off with Amanda Nunes.
Rousey and Nunes stared each other down, and each fighter was supposed to be interviewed directly afterwards. Joe Rogan interviewed the champ Nunes, but Rousey stormed off to backstage.
UFC president Dana White said Rousey left due to production issues, but according to MMA fighter Dave Meltzer, Rousey was so upset she had to be “consoled.”
It doesn’t seem like that much of a stretch given the fact Rousey hasn’t seen action since her first professional loss against Holly Holm last year. The fighter admitted to feeling extremely depressed and having thoughts of suicide, so it’s possible the thought of getting back into the ring is bringing her an unexpected amount of stress.
But while Rousey is apparently struggling, Nunes is on a winning streak. She’s been victorious in her last four fights and has already secured her title. She claims to have been trading hard in preparation for her match with Rousey.
Rousey and Nunes are set to fight in the main event of UFC 207 on December 30.